Founder’s thoughts

Carcinogenesis Foundation is PRIMEd to RACE against Cancer

Cancer-free world   is possible through Research, Awareness, Care and Education -RACE. I want    to invite you to join Carcinogenesis Foundation which is an organization consisting of scientists, doctors, educators, social workers and concerned  citizens like you who care for our communities. Carcinogenesis Foundation  strives to understand the cancer causing processes. Do you know most    cancers are not hereditary but acquired and therefore preventable? Obviously,  we need to know what causes cancer in humans in order to be able to prevent the disease.  Several factors like diet, environment and genetic background play a   key role in developing cancers.

Intriguingly, susceptibility to cancer varies among various populations.    For example, African Americans who smoke are likely to be at a higher risk    for developing lung cancer compared to other ethnic groups. It is also    interesting that migration to western countries increases risk for n cancer    incidence, which can be conceptualized as  Acquired Risk for Cancer    Incidence (ARCI). This phenomenon suggests a specific role for    gene-environment interactions in carcinogenesis process. Therefore, I    believe that we can tap on the diversity of human genome to find clues and    answers for the origin of cancers. The mission of Carcinogenesis Foundation    is-Prevention, Innovation, Medicine and Education-PRIME.


What is the need for  Carcinogenesis Foundation?

In the past few years cancer has become a disease of greater concern and fear   among the
public as it places a significant emotional and economic burden on   the families and governments. While discoveries in the field of cancer  treatment interest the cancer patients, information and insights into the  cause of cancers and possibilities for its prevention interests society  at-large.

Increasing exposure to the advances in research and treatment of  cancers through the media has led to increased anticipation and expectations  among the public. Educated public are looking for credible suggestions on  healthy dietary and lifestyle choices.

Unfortunately, conflicting reports on cancer causing potential and cancer  prevention efficacy of various diets and dietary supplements leave the public  confused and reticent about the results of
scientific research. There are  several reasons for the lack of clear answers to questions related to  carcinogenesis and cancer prevention; absence of clear and defined models and  markers of carcinogenesis is one of the major reasons. Lack of consensus  among scientists on these issues adds to the difficulties in the field of  carcinogenesis research.

Until recently, design of anticancer drugs focused on the ability of  compounds to kill the cells
irrespective of the origin and source of  abnormality or the pathways that led to the birth of abnormal cells. A clear  knowledge and understanding of the molecular processes that underlie the  transformation of normal cells to cancer cells will lead to effective  prevention and treatment of cancers in humans. This objective can be achieved  through the collective efforts led by an organization that is committed to  understand the genesis of cancers and applying the knowledge for cancer  prevention. An organization that can bring  together the ideas, resources,  expertise and technologies to make a difference in the lives of people around  the world will be the key to achieving a cancer-free world. More importantly, there is a need to integrate the citizen of the society in  the process of health science research that impacts their lives.  Carcinogenesis  Foundation was founded to fulfill this objective and citizens of the world  will be its stakeholders.

You can play a role in cancer research through Carcinogenesis Foundation in  more than
one way. You may choose to volunteer in various ways or make a  financial contribution to the foundation. You may just choose to say `thank  you’ to those who discover, care, cure and educate. Any of these actions by  you will have a positive impact on understanding the cancer causing processes  and thereby on global cancer prevention efforts. Please support RACE  activities of Carcinogenesis Foundation

I  love to hear from you.

Gopala Kovvali  M.Sc.,M.Phil., Ph.D.
Founder and President,
Carcinogenesis Foundation